An Exercise In ‘Dredd’

Pete Travis’ Dredd is currently on Netflix, and after watching it again – I originally saw it in the theater – I can see why it did significantly better via rentals, DVD and Blue ray.

It did so much better that it has resulted in a petition for a sequel, which is pretty impressive considering that it earned $35 million on a $50 million dollar budget.

The story, essentially Dredd takes down a drug dealer and her organization, is at heart a small one, and it’s made even smaller by the fact that it takes place in essentially one place.

It’s an almost intimate story that plays well on television, where the lack of scope and scale works to its benefit.

It’s also significantly gorier than I recall it being.  The ‘Slo-Mo’ effect in the movies appears to be almost an artistic conceit, while in at home you can see all sorts of details become apparent.

For instance, is this Armand Assante?

Is This Armand Assante?

I have seen no evidence to indicate that it is, despite the resemblance, though he would hardly be the first actor to appear in a film uncredited.

Most of all it would be an awfully meta thing for the producers of the film to have done, considering that Assante had a co-starring role in 1995’s “Judge Dredd” with Sylvester Stallone.

Little details, some fairly odd, can be found throughout the film.  For instance, what is it with the wire-work animal (circled in black) to the left of Judge Anderson (Olivia Thirlby) in the picture below?  Earlier in the scene, the camera is focused on Anderson, the next moment it’s focused on the animal (which his why she’s slightly out of focus in the screenshot).

There’s no indication in the film that someone in Ma-Ma (Lena Headey) organization had taken up wire sculpture as a hobby, which makes me think that theres’s some sort of significance to the figure, or it’s context, if any.

Dredd Screenshot


2 thoughts on “An Exercise In ‘Dredd’

  1. Hi,
    Sorry for being late.
    Regarding the last paragraph about wire sculpture. There’s actually a guy in Ma-ma’s clan who’s into wire sculpting. He’s that weird tech guy who hacked into the building’s system to be the eyes and ears of Ma-ma.
    During the scene where he first appeared, we can see wire bonsai tree on the foreground while at the background we can see that he’s too busy doing the wire sculpting that he failed to pay attention to the surveillance monitor.
    Hope this helps. Tq.

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