‘Dredd’ Irritatingly Brief Teaser

It’s a relatively slow news day.

On the homefront (does anyone else, when you put the word ‘home’ in front of another, get vaguely Nazi-ish associations?  Homeland Security?  The phrase ‘homeland’ itself?  Doesn’t work with ‘home fries,’ though). Cthulhu summoning still not going too well.  Perhaps I am concentrating on the wrong Great Old One.  Maybe I need to look into Hastur, Nyarlathotep, or even the Hounds of Tindalos (though admittedly I am not too keen on the ‘Hounds.’  It’s mainly the whole relentlessly hunting down their prey, even through time, that bothers me).

Anyway, I found this trailer over at Superherohype.com, and there’s a teaser for “Dredd,” based upon the character from 2000 A.D. and 1995’s “Judge Dredd” (the character that Sylvester Stallone hated so much that he had to go make a movie starring him).

Unfortunately, to get to the good stuff you have to endure some other other movie-related stuff that you may not care too much about.  So, after you click on the link, pause it and go get a cup of tea, a nice, cold beer, or whatever else that will keep you entertained till the 2:50 mark, where Khail Anonymous (OK…) finally gets to the ‘Dredd’ trailer.

And by ‘trailer,’ I mean a few scenes that tell you virtually nothing about the film.

Did I say ‘virtually?’  I meant, literally, nothing 0ther than Dredd shooting at stuff; though that’s a given.  I mean, you could show him traipsing through a field of daisies and people familiar with the character would know that he would be doing so to shoot someone at the other end.

I would say that there’s lots and lots of slow-motion (in an irritatingly cock-teasing fashion), and if that weren’t bad enough, you aren’t given any more than those aforementioned so-mo shots) and a grimace on the lower part of Karl Urban’s face (as opposed to his whole face, which was what Danny Cannon and Stallone got wrong about the character, among many other things).

The trailer is supposed to post tomorrow.


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