A ‘Suicidal’ Marketing Strategy

When I saw the Official ‘Early Access Do Not Share’ Trailer for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad I assumed that it was a clever marketing strategy on the part of Warner Bros, which would fit what I know of James Gunn, personalty-wise.

Well, I might have been wrong because according to Superherohype the The Suicide Squad trailer was originally planned to air before certain adverts on Youtube, and when people took the time to track down the trailer, they were hit with copyright strikes by Warner Bros when they shared the trailer on various social media.

And while some would say that any attention is good attention, it does seem like an odd way to build momentum for the upcoming movie.

And while – if this isn’t a case of Superherohype making mountains out of molehills – which their seemingly unending and breathless coverage of Zach Snyder and his version of Justice League was – it will amount to little more than a hiccup because I get the feeling that the The Suicide Squad is going to be pretty big for DC/Warner Bros.

Though if it underwhelms the first thing everyone is going to point to is the trailer snafu.

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