Trailer Into REaction: Moon Knight (2022) | Looks That Kill (My Desire To See The Series)

As I’ve said before, I grew up reading comics so when I learned earlier this year that one of my favorite characters, Moon Knight, was going to have his own show I have to admit that I was a bit jazzed because he’s one of my favorite characters (and perhaps could even get me to subscribe to Disney+, at least for a while).

I first learned about him in Werewolf By Night #37 (though he first appeared in Werewolf By Night #32) and have been into him every since.

I’m not kidding, here’s the bust I have of him (that’s Whirlwind behind him, another of my favorites that I’d really like seeing in live action, and he’s an entirely different character than the Texas Twister, who is somewhat similar) and the character as he’s appeared in the comics has always hewed pretty close to this rendition.

Or maybe not because then’s there the version that Disney+ is going with, and I have to say, I’m a little bit disappointed.

He looks way too mummy-like for my liking and I’m not saying that he doesn’t currently look like that – I haven’t been keeping up with the character and as he’s as been though more than a few iterations (though none have been as radical as this one) maybe it’s on-point – though I just don’t like the look.

And I see what they’re doing in no matter the iteration Moon Knight has always had strong connections to Egyptian mythology and Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the Moon, though to interpret him, essentially, as a mummy?

Not a great look.

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