Millie Bobby Brown is Right (Sort of)

Is Millie Bobby Brown British? I’m reasonably certain with a name like that that she isn’t, but in her interview with The Wrap she definitely sounds like she’s ‘putting on airs’ though that’s not what I’m writing about today.

What I’m referring to is Brown calling the Duffer Brothers ‘Sensitive Sallies’ over their reluctance to kill characters because having recently completed the fourth season of Stranger Things I think she’s on to something because I went into it with the idea that this was the last, and while what we got was an ending of sorts the door was left WIDE open for another season.

And I really hope they don’t because everything ends and the third season – while not terrible – definitely showed a decline, a weakening of the formula, if you will.

With the fourth season if feels as if Netflix might be preparing to launch another at some point – and with it’s massive viewership numbers that’s entirely likely – and I’m not okay with that because when you drag things out they tend to really decline in terms of quality (like in the case of Supernatural, a show that went on long after it should have).

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