Gunn and Safran Cleaning House?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, James Gunn and Peter Safran have completed their work on a new bible for the DC Studios – did they really need to go to Aspen to hammer things out though? It always bugs me when companies lay off people, which Warner Bros and it’s various divisions have been doing a lot of lately, yet executives have to spend time in places like Aspen – though it appears that they’re really shaking things up.

And while most of what’s been reported is rumor at this point, iit’s pretty damn interesting.

For instance, it appears that Gunn and Safran are wiping the slate clean as far as the Snyderverse goes, including characters like Aquaman and Wonder Woman (which leads to Wonder Woman 3 being cancelled), both of which are the shining stars of the former DCEU.

Though that doesn’t mean that Warner Bros/DC Studios is done with Jason Momoa, who’s supposedly in the running to play Lobo (which to be fair is better for him than Aquaman).

It’s a pretty risky strategy, to be sure but I’m not entirely sure it could have been done in another way.

Though where does that leave Superman (Henry Cavill), who’s supposedly coming back to DC in live action?

Your guess is as good as mine.


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