Black Panther Closes on $750 Million at the Box Office!

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is closing in on the $750 million mark ($733,024,077) at the worldwide box office though whether or not it hits a billion has a lot to do when Avatar: The Way of Water comes out.

And that’s December 12 – today is December 4 – which means Wakanda Forever has almost two weeks of relatively little competition, after which significantly diminished returns are expected though let’s be clear, it will continue to make money as long as it’s in theaters, though will likely finish a distant second to Avatar throughout the remainder of December.

And speaking of Avatar, I’m pessimistic of its chances to reach the heights of the first film but with the movie given a berth in China – something Black Panther:Wakanda Forever and Black Adam did not receive – the likelihood it will outperform either film is very likely, though as I say, I highly doubt it will reach the almost $3 billion ($2,922,917,914) of the first movie.

It’s also worth mentioning Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is likely close to or has already broken even and since it and Avatar are released by the same parent studio (20th Century Studios, like Marvel, is part of the Walt Disney Company) they’re likely to do just fine either way.


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