The DCEU Finds Redemption

There a story on Superherohype where Ben Affleck says that the portrayal of Batman in Warner Bros/DC Films upcoming Justice League would be a more ‘traditional’ portrayal of the character. What!? The fact that Affleck has to tell viewers this is indicative of perhaps the greatest problem the DCEU has (yet) to overcome: namely a […]

Can Geoff Johns Save The DCEU?

Can Geoff Johns save the DCEU, otherwise known as the DC Extended Universe? Let’s just say I HIGHLY doubt it.  And it’s worth mentioning that I speculate out of love because–while DC characters like Batman and Superman aren’t my favorites–I don’t wish them ill, either. Which is why I find the movies released so far […]

Justice League – Teaser Trailer

I have to admit that I enjoyed the first trailer for Zach Snyder’s Justice League. but if I say I weren’t concerned I’d be lying. Reason being, he had two chances to make movies based on Batman and Superman. The first attempt, Man of Steel is enjoyed by many, but in its way is as […]