REview: Two Sentence Horror Stories, S3 (2021) | Diversity Can Be Scary

That title is a bit of a double entendre in that this season of the CW’s Two Sentence Horror Stories put diversity and topicality front and center, and for the most part works really well. The rub is that it feels – if you’re paying attention to YouTube, at any rate – that acknowledging that […]

Trailer Into Reaction: Batwoman (2019) | Teaser Trailer

And if there were a definition of the term “teaser trailer” in a text book I wouldn’t be shocked if it referred to the Batwoman teaser because this thing literally tells you nothing at all beyond the obvious. Which is fine since I don’t particularly care about any of the CW shows that I have […]

The Defenders – Elektra Teaser Trailer

2017, despite the reality of a Trump presidency, and all the insanity such an idea beings can be considered a golden age –especially if you happen to be a fan of superheroes because there are probably more viewing choices to choose from than there has ever been. The while the CW isn’t known as ‘The […]

‘Veronica Mars’ Trailer

Remember the much-talked about Kickstarter campaign to revive the cancelled 2004 CW series “Veronica Mars?”  Being that you’re seeing the trailer, it goes without saying that the campaign was a success. That being said, I have no idea how the trailer is.  I mean, it looks OK, but seeing that I never actually watched the […]