REview – Two Sentence Horror Stories (2019) | Season One

I honestly think the short story should be treated as a higher form of literature than long form storytelling.

Think about it. You have a fixed amount of pages to establish the motivations of your characters, the world they live in and why things are proceeding however they happen to be.

As I said, it’s an art form and when done well it’s a joy to behold.

The same thing applies to movies and television in that I think it can be harder to do a shorter form television show–let’s say a half hour–than a two hour movie because you just don’t have the space to let characters and situations breathe.

Now, that’s not the cause necessarily.with a continuing series, as far as television goes, it’s definitely the case with anthology series.

And Two Sentence Horror Stories–quite possibly the worse title ever–is one of the best anthologies I have seen in recent memory. It’s early days yet but the storytelling is taut and while some stories are better than others, there’s nothing that I can call a clunker.

What’s also particularly interesting is that this is a show from The CW, who’re pretty much known these days for the DC Comics adaptations.

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