REview: Two Sentence Horror Stories, S3 (2021) | Diversity Can Be Scary

That title is a bit of a double entendre in that this season of the CW’s Two Sentence Horror Stories put diversity and topicality front and center, and for the most part works really well.

The rub is that it feels – if you’re paying attention to YouTube, at any rate – that acknowledging that people actually have physical differences and are oftentimes treated differently because of them somehow IS the problem.

The third season of Two Sentence Horror Stories dives foot first into the diversity pool (and it goes without saying, the controversy one as well) and for the most part does so exceedingly well.

All ten stories feature typically maligned groups – Native Americans, immigrants, black people, sexual minorities and women – though what’s interesting is that some also come from their perspective, which isn’t something that we’re accustomed to seeing.

This is why I think some of the portrayals of characters outside the diversity almost look as if you’re watching a funhouse mirror: all the recollections appear distorted and slightly off.

That’s because it reflects what people in those groups are oftentimes seeing.

What’s interesting is that every story works – which isn’t a common thing when it comes to anthologies, which typically are very hit and miss – though that’s not to say that all the stories are equally effective.

Though what it does say is that you’re likely to find something you enjoy from the season.

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