Venom – Official Trailer # 2

Having just watched the latest trailer for Sony’s–In Association With Marvel!–Venom I have to admit that I like it a lot more than the first. Though the American accent Tom Hardy appears to be ruining? Not so much. But don’t misinterpret my meaning. I still think Venom–and the other characters of the SpiderVerse–belong with Marvel […]

Venom – Official Trailer # 2

Do you recall the first Venom trailer and how disappointing it was?  Apparently Sony picked up on that vibe, so this time they gave us quite a bit more of Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) exhibiting his powers. And that’s a good thing though for some perhaps it’s a little bit too late.       […]

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Official Teaser Trailer

Mad Max: Fury Road is the latest from George Miller, though so much time has passed since the last movie–twenty-nine years ago–that I wonder how many people will actually remember the character. That being said, I get the feeling that with Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron starring that they’re popular enough to overcome the fact […]

‘The Drop’ International & Domestic Trailers

While watching the International Trailer for Michaël R. Roskam‘s The Drop, starring Tom Hardy, James Gandolfini and Noomi Rapace, I noticed three things: The first was that it looks appropriately gritty, but a bit formulaic. The second was that, while you hear Hardy in a short voiceover at the beginning of the trailer, you don’t for the rest.  I […]

‘The Rover’ Trailer

What is it about Australia and the fall of civilization?  Is it because they have the Outback, a desert space that will in no uncertain terms kill you if you venture into it unprepared? Or is there something in the Australian character that makes Man, as well as everything that we have ever created, broken and hanging […]

Check Out My ‘Locke’ Review At Love Your Movies!

I recently did a writeup of Steven McKnight’s Locke, starring Tom Hardy and a BMW X3 for Love Your Movies.  It’s one of the pithier reviews that I have written and more importantly I think that it  manages to give the reader an impression of what’s going on in the movie, without spoiling it. I enjoyed writing […]

‘Man of Tai Chi’ Trailer

Keanu Reeves amazes me.  We have computer-generated technologies that can make it appear that a man can fly, that can enable giant robots and monsters to roam the earth, and yet no technology yet invented can make him seem like he has emotions and feelings like the rest of us.  I know that that sounds […]

Brian’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Review

“”The Dark Knight Rises” is an engaging film, but in the end it’s too grounded in the real to soar.” The devastating events in Aurora, Colorado have cast a pall over the launch of Warner Bros. “The Dark Knight Rises,” though if box office receipts are any indicator, the film is weathering the adverse publicity […]