‘The Drop’ International & Domestic Trailers

While watching the International Trailer for Michaël R. Roskam‘s The Drop, starring Tom Hardy, James Gandolfini and Noomi Rapace, I noticed three things:

The first was that it looks appropriately gritty, but a bit formulaic.

The second was that, while you hear Hardy in a short voiceover at the beginning of the trailer, you don’t for the rest.  I assumed that this was the case because he would be talking without his British accent, which to me sounded a bit incongruous (this could be because last month I saw him in Locke) to me.

Third, and as far as I am concerned most interestingly, it appeared to emphasize James Gandolfini.  Gandolfini is an American actor, while Hardy is British, whom I’d have thought would play better overseas.

Which is in stark contrast to the trailer for domestic consumption.  This time, Tom Hardy’s voiceover runs throughout the entire trailer, and there’s a greater emphasis on story–in fact the opposite situation from the Guardians Of The Galaxy domestic trailerwhich had a better rounded  International trailer.

I suspect that the people who worked on the domestic trailer realized that the story of The Drop, while interesting, isn’t a novel one, so it’s almost laid out in its entirety, minus small twists and beats.  And since more information is given in a linear fashion, it feels richer and less stream of consciousness than the International trailer.

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