‘Man of Tai Chi’ Trailer

Keanu Reeves amazes me.  We have computer-generated technologies that can make it appear that a man can fly, that can enable giant robots and monsters to roam the earth, and yet no technology yet invented can make him seem like he has emotions and feelings like the rest of us.  I know that that sounds mean, but his voiceover in “Man of Tai Chi” sounds so bland that you have to wonder.  

I could accept that the way he sounds is an affection that’s unique to whichever character he happens to be playing, if it weren’t for the fact that he ALWAYS sounds like this.

It’s almost like the first time you heard Bane from “The Dark Knight Rises.”  I wasn’t crazy about his voice (and it still managed to show more emotion than Reeves does here!), but I know that whatever else I happen to see Tom Hardy in, he will not sound like that.

Though imagine if he did.  It would make watching him in anything more than a little difficult.

And while I have never met Keanu Reeves, I would assume that his voice reveals a whole range of human emotion – though why none of it ever seems to make it into his movies is beyond comprehension.

And I should mention that the trailer looks pretty good (Reeves directed as well). It’s nicely edited, and shows evil at its most blandest.

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