X-File A Day – “Shadows”

X-Files Opening Logo“Shadows” is the sixth episode of the First season of “The X-Flies,” and it’s a keeper.  It revolves around a woman, Lauren Kyte (Lisa Waltz) who’s boss has just died, supposedly by suicide. He was like a father to her, so she’s pretty distraught.

Mulder and Scully originally come on to this case as advisors to two shady agents, who think that there’s a connection between two other mysterious deaths (their throats were crushed, seemingly from the inside) and the company Kyte works for – though Scully and Mulder are unaware of her at the moment – the other agents suspect that there’s something wrong at HTD Industrial Technology, where she works.

Mulder assumes that it’s an X-File (that the two men were killed by psycho-kinetic manipulation) while Scully assumes that the two men died because of terrorists connections, and in a roundabout way she may be right.  It’s not made clear why they attacked Kyte at an ATM earlier in the episode, though I assume it was to retrieve a disk that her boss had that detailed the terrorist connections with HTD Industrial.

The cause of the deaths is the ghost of her former boss, who in life loved Laura like a daughter, and in death has been protecting her.  The episode would have been a lot quicker if this ghost, a poltergeist – which had the ability to interact with its physical environment – had just taken the disk that’s revealed toward the end of the episode to the police instead of attempting to kill Scully and Mulder after they visited Lauren.

The episode isn’t the most logical – things tend to happen not because they make sense, but because the script calls for them – but it is very atmospheric and the threat posed by the unrestful spirit is an interesting one.

Mulder actually enter ed Lauren Kyte’s home at one point when the poltergeist is at work, dispatching two assassins sent by Kyte’s other boss to kill her.  As usual, Scully arrives too late to witness a person being flung across the room – with no one visible doing the flinging – or another person being strangled by invisible hands.  I understand that this was done because the storyline required Scully to be the skeptic of the two, but by this point – and it’s only the sixth episode – Mulder has seen far too much of the fantastic to take Scully’s skepticism seriously.

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