Van Helsing 2

I heard a while ago that there would be a sequel to 2004’s Van Helsing, the Hugh Jackman film that (somehow) managed to earn around $300 million dollars worldwide, though I assumed that Universal came to their senses and moved on, since it seemed lost in development hell.

Silly me.

Sure, it managed to mangle just about everything you ever knew about the classic monsters (like Dracula, and his various failed attempts at reproduction) but it did have lots of swinging about and Jackman in a kit that looked nothing like that which Vampire Hunter D wore.

What surprises me somewhat is that Universal appears to be doing this on the cheap, which is odd because the original film was so high-profile, though, if the trailer is any indicator, this looks like it’s bound straight to video.

One thought on “Van Helsing 2

  1. From what I’ve gathered, that isn’t Van Helsing, its something called Solomn Kane. Which is probably where they got the character style for Huge Jackman’s character since the Solomn Kane movie came out in the late 90s, but its not Van Helsing. Someone on youtube or elsewhere tacked the Van Helsing name on it along with additional editing. Very close likeness I may say. I’d have to say according to timeline, Jackman’s style is a ripoff of this one. Or maybe that is just how all 17-18th century vampire-slayer, wolf-hunters dressed.

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