Where To Find More Of ‘The Inbetweeners’

If you’ve caught Seasons One and Two of Channel 4 raunchy teen comedy, “The Inbetweeners” and can’t wait till they get Season Three, look no further.  I originally checked out Channel 4’s web site, but for whatever reason it’s not available there due to some technical issues (I don’t know if they’re due to me owning a Mac, because streaming is streaming, as far as I know).

Instead, click on this link, for three episodes of Season Three (the seasons are very abbreviated, containing no more than four or so episodes).

“The Inbetweeners” is also being remade by MTV, and while I haven’t seen it, I get the feeling that it’s going the same way as their “Skins” remake, which is early cancellation.

Here’s the trailer for the Americanized version, though having watching it it feels way too planned and calculated.

In other words, it doesn’t appear as interesting as the British version.

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