Brian’s ‘The Devil’s Rock’ Review

I imagine it’s hard to make a horror film involving war, because war in and of itself is such a horrific experience that there’s little that you can add to make it any worse, which is probably why there aren’t too many of them.

In fact, for awhile Su-chang Kong’s “R-Point” and Michael J. Bassett’s “Deathwatch” were the only films that I was aware of, though now it appears there’s another.

And it’s Paul Campion’s “The Devil’s Rock.”  If you catch it on Netflix, don’t let the DVD cover art fool you, it’s actually a taut, well-acted film that happens to involve a demon and buckets of gore.

The film takes place during World War I, and revolves around two commandoes who are attempting to take out a German installation, though instead they discover lots of carnage (special effects by WETA Workshop) and death.

When exploring the complex, one of the commandoes is killed, and the other captured by the one remaining Nazi.

What unfolds is somewhat similar to “Hellboy,” in that the Nazis are trying to raise a creature that will enable them to defeat the Allies, though the similarities stop there because this is one gory film.

Heads are severed, body part are cut, and the blood flows copiously.

But what separates this film from most horror films is the acting.  Craig Hall and Matthew Sunderland elevate what could have been just a gore-fest into what could be one day considered a classic of the genre (or is that sub-genre).

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