Official ‘The Wolverine’ Trailer

Here’s the complete trailer for James Mangold‘s ‘The Wolverine,” complete with narrative continuity!  Here, Logan/Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) makes his way to Japan, where it appears that he somehow loses his healing factor, which is bad thing when what looks like hundreds of black pajama-clad ninjas are trying to kill you.

There’s a fight on what can only be a Japanese bullet train later in the trailer that looks a bit outlandish, as well as an appearance by the Silver Samurai, though like the first teaser you only see the back of his helmet for moment.

As much as the first teaser trailer struck me as lacking continuity, this one feels too conventional, striking beats that we have seen before time and again.

So it will probably end up making a bazillion dollars, though I am not sure about the 3D, which I sometimes feel as if it’s done less because of a need for it that a way to pad box office receipts (3D movie tickets generally cost significantly more than non-3D tickets).

Thanks to Deadline: Hollywood for the heads up!

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