X-File A Day – “Conduit”

The Truth Is Out There“Conduit” is the fourth episode of the First season, and where we learn more about why Mulder believes so strongly that “The Truth Is Out There.”  It revolves around a woman, Darlene Morris (Carrie Snodgrass) who is camping with her daughter, Ruby (Taunya Dee) and son Kevin (Joel Palmer), when they are visited by a UFO, and Ruby is abducted.

What’s most interesting about the episode is neither the initial abduction, nor the investigation, but Kevin’s reaction.  Somehow, he was affected by  it, and manages to pick up satellite transmissions from televisions.  The scene where we first see him receiving these signals is vaguely reminiscent of the movie “Poltergeist” except that ghosts aren’t what’s being picked up, but binary data, ones and zeroes.

As usual, Scully almost manages to scuttle everything by informing her superiors about the little boy, who at one point somehow managed to receive transmissions from a defense satellite, making him perhaps the first eight-year-old threat to national security.

Speaking of which, I wonder why Mulder even trusts her, since early on in their partnership she manages to do these types of things on a disturbingly regular basis.

Later, by drawing ones and zeros, Kevin answers the question at the heart of the episode, which is:  “What happened to Ruby that night?” and while understated, it’s visually striking and the high point of the episode.

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