‘Tammy’ Teaser Trailer

Melissa McCarthy is funny, though I get the feeling that she’s the first person you call in Hollywood when you want a female actor who’s seemingly defined by her weight.  That being said, if she’s also being typecast, it’s all the way to the bank.

And if I were being honest–which I try to do on a regular basis–I would admit that what most amused me about this trailer is the very quality that I referred to earlier, which is that of an overweight person trying to do relatively simple tasks (such as jumping on a counter) with varying degrees of difficulty.

Though most interesting about this trailer though is what you don’t see, which is virtually anything else about the movie itself, which is telling.

That being said, McCarthy is a hot item, coming off the success of films like “Bridesmaids,” The Heat (which is really not as funny as it thinks it is),” and “Identity Thief” so I suspect that most people will not even care.


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