‘Odd Thomas’ Trailer

And speaking of ‘odd…’

I haven’t read any of the novels that make up the basis of Stephen Sommers‘ “Odd Thomas” (which were written by Dean Koontz, who if I were being unfair I would say has always struck me as the ‘Poor Man’s Stephen King’).  That being said, I enjoyed the movie version of “Phantoms, so there’s that.

And there’s also that he wrote the book that formed the basis of the movie, “Demon Seed.”  I haven’t seen it because I group it with films like “Suspiria,” which are scarier in my head than they actually are on screen.

But at least with “Phantoms,” you knew what you were getting.  “Odd Thomas,” I am not so sure.

Is it a comedy with horror overtones?  Horror with comedic elements?

As I said, I have no idea, though it the trailer is any indicator, it plays a bit too broadly for my liking.

Another thing is that it seems every since “The Mummy” Sommers hasn’t found any CGI that he, apparently, doesn’t like.  His movies are so full of it that human actors appear to be virtually an oversight.

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