‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier,’ Trailer 3

Can this movie look any cooler?  This time the trailer seems to feature the Falcon, who we see going against the Winter Soldier.  We also get to see the Black Widow in action, administering the Widow’s Bite to an unfortunate victim.

I understand that I am not exactly the audience that these trailers are being directed at–I was sold every since the first one–but I’d wish they’d stop showing them already because each one reveals little bits of the movie that I wish I had not seen prior to seeing it.

And it’s not like my will is strong enough to just stop watching them.

It’s like that scene in “The Avengers,” where the Hulk saves Iron Man from crashing to the earth after he directed a nuclear missile at the Chitari space station.  It was such an amazing shot that when I saw it in context I was blown away.

Though I would have been even more amazed by it if I had not seen any of it prior.

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