‘Swearnet’ Red Band Trailer

Honestly, I don’t get the Trailer Park Boys.  Their eponymously titled series is on #Netflix, and I’ve given it a try, but it just doesn’t work for me.  That being said, I caught them on Getting Doug With High–a Youtube series revolving around comedian Doug Benson getting high while interacting with his guests, whom he also gets high–and they struck me as more interesting than the characters that they play on television.

Swearnet, the name of the movie as well as a actual website (I assume created for the movie) seems to be a place where men can be men, women can be women, and everyone can curse as much as they like.  The impetus for its creation were the strict restrictions the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) has on cursing over the air.

Sounds a bit like SCTV, with profanity.  And speaking of SCTV, here’s Indira, which stars Andrea Martin as Indira Gandhi (?) and Joe Flaherty as Slim Whitman (?)(?).

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