Doug Stanhope: Miserablist Triumphant!

I don’t quite know why it is, but I find myself listening to a lot of Doug Stanhope lately.  I first heard of him from his concert, Beer Hall Putsch–available on Netflix–and from there I found a lot of his podcasts and concerts on Youtube.

He’s hilarious, though more importantly, he’s a comedian with an actual point of view.  You may not agree with a lot that he says–I know I don’t–but his observations are always interesting (and even enlightening sometimes).

Another thing is that, with many comedians, you can tell that while they may walk the walk, they don’t talk the talk.  In other words, their day-to-day lives have relatively little bearing on their comedy, except in an irritatingly observational way.

Not in the case of Stanhope, though I am not sure how much of what he says stems from a love of misery or if suffering only amplifies his humor, like sunlight through a magnifying glass.

He’s also done some commentaries for the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), and all that I have seen are pretty hilarious.

His podcasts are also educational, after all, I didn’t know what the ‘Beer Hall Putsch’ referred to prior.  I also didn’t know that ‘miserablist’ was a real word (it is).


Beer Hall Putsch is on Netflix, and it’s definitely not meant for children.

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