Official Comic-Con Trailer – Fear The Walking Dead

Ah, that’s the way they’re going to go!  For awhile I was wondering how AMC brass were going to approach the upcoming AMC partner series to their critical and ratings darling, The Walking Dead.

Now I get it.  It seems that the upcoming spinoff will spend most of its time dealing with the beginning of the zombie threat, when it was in its nascent stages, and could have possibly been averted.

You can almost call it a prequel, in the sense that what takes place in the Fear The Walking Dead are the happenings that Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) was in a coma for.

In other words, think of The Walking Dead as The Road Warrior, and Fear The Walking Dead as Mad Max.  That being said, I am still not sure that there’s enough there to differentiate it from the series that animates it (at least not for long), though it’s a bit more clever than I though it would be.

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