Batman V Superman Reviews Are Coming In…

Screenshot 2016-03-25 21.27.38
The Courtyard of the Old Residency by Adolf Hitler, 1914

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice reviews have been filtering in for the last day or two, and while they’re not all terrible–after all, someone probably even liked Hitler’s paintings–they’re pretty disastrous considering that there are literally millions, if not potentially billions, riding on its success.

I intend to catch it tomorrow, and will post a review as soon as i can.

That being said, from many of the reviews I get the impression that Zach Snyder, who also directed 2013’s Man of Steel, not only didn’t learn from the excesses of that film, but actually doubled down on them.

So we apparently get a Batman who’s really into killing criminals–which makes no sense when you think about it because Batman has one of the most extensive rogues galleries in comics, which he wouldn’t have if he were so intent on murder–and lots of destruction.

Now, if were were talking about a movie like Independence Day or The Incredible Huik, I could understand all the violence.

Batman and Superman?  Not so much.  And while I admit that I am partial to Marvel Studios movies, I don’t necessarily want those from DC Films to fail–just not to do as well–though the tone-deafness coming from DC movies is a bit disturbing.

Though what’s worse is that Zach Snyder in interviews often comes off as arrogant, as if he knows better than people that have literally followed these characters for a large part of their lives.

It’s a bad thing, and I get the feeling that among the comic geeks out there, his ego is going to be very expensive for Warner Bros.




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