Ghostbusters – Official Trailer 2

I have to admit that the latest Ghostbusters trailer is MUCH, MUCH better than the first.

Melissa McCarthy is apparently playing Melissa McCarthy; that’s a good or bad thing depending on how one typically feels about her antics.

Leslie Jones this time around is a pleasant surprise, as she seems more interesting than all the other ladies combined.

Though it’s worth mentioning that the trailer does a Batman v Superman, or least seems to, in revealing that Chris Hemsworth becomes possessed by demonic entities and turns evil.

And while that’s interesting, what’s even more so is all the brouhaha over the three female leads.

Personally, especially considering that–while I enjoyed the original movies to varying degrees–they weren’t the ‘be all and end all’ as far as comedies go.


That being said, I still don’t quite see the point of an all-female cast, especially considering how jarring the transition has been (it would have been cool if the producers had tried harder to manage a more graceful transition).

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