Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – Official Trailer

Screenshot 2016-08-05 18.35.36

Remember when I did a writeup of the Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Teaser Trailer and all I did was complain about how much I dislike the series?

That hasn’t changed.

Though I find the first full trailer for the movie interesting because it contains various elements from the first movie, such as the laser trap…

and the Red Queen.

As I said earlier, the first movie is the only one in the series worth seeing.  If they’ve got Marilyn Manson back to do the soundtrack, it might be worth seeing.

Now that I think of it, I also don’t quite know how to classify the Resident Evil movies. The first I would call an action movie, though a very horror-adjacent one.

The other movies in the franchise? They’re all pretty much mediocre action films, with occasional horror elements.


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