Monster Trucks – Trailers # 1 & 2

Seriously!?  Is there some pent-up demand for a movie that puts the ‘monster’ literally into ‘monster trucks?’  And to be sure, no one knew for certain that the Transformers movies would be the massive hits (reasons to this day, for the most part, beyond my comprehension) they ended up being prior to them being released. 

But I get the feeling that the fate of Monster Trucks will be not quite so grand.  Reason being, the most recent trailer is the second, and that was released about a month ago (I vaguely recall hearing of it, but that’s about it).  

I tend to seek out movie-related things to write about, and I barely had a clue this one existed.  

In other words, the odds that news about it is widely disseminated enough to generate some sort of buzz among the gemeral public are probably pretty low.  

Monster Trucks – Trailer One

Monster Trucks – Trailer Two

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