Men In Black International – Official Trailer

Besides the title being a bit silly–after all the Men In Black includes aliens from OTHER WORLDS, for frak’s sake! Yet somehow we’re emphasizing it’s international nature!?

Then there’s the product placement (memo to studio: If you’re seeing obnoxious product placement in the damn trailer it’s likely to be even more so in the movie, and NO ONE likes that) which is a bit…heavy.

And did anyone else get a Kingsman vibe when Tessa Thompson is getting her gear? I know they did a similar scene in the original movie, but that was awhile ago and it’s feeling a bit stale.

And Yes, Chris Hemsworth (the only Hemsworth that matters) is charming but it feels a bit forced here.

And it might just be me, but if there’re aren’t any references to Taken, why are you casting Liam Neeson? He’s a good actor but Britain has more than its fair share of those.

And why isn’t Emma Thompson getting top billing? She’s been more integral to the series than literally everyone who actually gets it?

Questions, questions, questions.

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