Replicas – Final Trailer

Keanu Reeves seems like a genuinely decent guy though something about him bothers me (and truth be told has bothered me for quite awhile).

He can’t act. Most everytime you read about him there are references to things like “in that ineffably stilted but enthusiastic Keanu-ish way,” or something else equally verbose when words like ‘wooden’ would work just as well (though admittedly come off a bit mean).

Some roles work for him, the Bill and Ted movies, Speed, the Matrix trilogy (for the most part) did.

Unfortunately, most don’t.

As I said at the top, he seems a pleasant enough person, and he’s game for just about anything (check out 1995’s A Walk in the Clouds sometime) but it bothers me that there will be significantly better actors–though perhaps not quite as well known–who’ll never get a chance because Reeves will be cast in a role better suited for virtually anyone but him.

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