The Umbrella Academy: Official Trailer #1 – Trailer Into Reaction

The official trailer for Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy was released yesterday and it looks really, really good (sort of like a mix of The Prisoner, a dash of Hellboy, and a whole lot of X-Men).

As I said, I like how it looks, but what bothers me is that it feels like Netflix is using the fact that they own MillarWorld to create their own comic-based movies, which means that if Marvel Television doesn’t do what they like they could just as easily make a go of it without them.

And keep in mind I’m not privy to any more information about what goes on between Netflix and Marvel Television than anyone else, but the way they seem to be cancelling Marvel series on the their steaming network says to me that a line has been drawn–and crossed–and they’re done playing games.

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