Russian Doll – Review

I missed Happy Death Day because I thought it was, essentially, Groundhog Day with added violence: clever concept, weak execution.

And the former was right, though the latter, apparently not so much because if reviews are anything to go by I apparently missed a pretty fun movie.

So, eventually learning from my oversights, I got a ticket to the sequel, Happy Death Day 2 U, which looks to be as enjoyable as the first movie (the trailer also gives away the killer from the first movie, which won’t stop me from catching it; but it does irritate a bit, I won’t lie).

What does that have to do with Russian Doll, the new series on Netflix? Namely that it too is a take on Groundhog Day, and like Happy Death Day it does some really interesting things with the material.

It also stars Charlie Barnett, who’s is always good to see.

Though if you’re like me, you’re likely watching for Natasha Lyonne (who’s one of the creators well as serving directoral and producing duties with Amy Poehler) who brings the same world-weariness that she brought to Orange Is The New Black to this role.

It’s a lot of fun that takes the idea of repeating the same day over and over again till you find out why it’s happening to some really interesting places.

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