Review – Alien: Ore (2019)

I know, I know, recording clean audio is my current bête noire.

It’s something I’m working on but the thing about sound recording is that where you are is where you are. You can’t reduce ambient sound in an area–because I’m not Doctor Strange–and have to deal with what I have.

So until the lavaliere mike I ordered arrives–which will more than likely bring issues of it’s own–I make the best of what I have so…think it it as a learning experience (for all of us).

Anyway, The 40th Anniversary shorts have been underwhelming and just not great because they seem to be made by people who may have seen an Alien movie or two, but don’t understand the material all that well.

And that’s really, really irritating because I’m by no means an Alien purist–I’ve seen all of them though that’s less because of the Alien in and of itself than because I like horror and science fiction so when you combine the two I tend to get a bit of a metaphorical boner.

So imagine my surprise to learn that I really, really enjoyed Alien: Ore because they really get it. The filmmakers seem to understand that the Alien isn’t evil–in the same way that a shark isn’t evil–more than an agent of chaos.

Now, the Weyland-Yutani corporation? They’re evil.

Somehow this aspect of the Alien mythology–in it’s way the most important aspect of the mythos in terms of being an impetus to action–has been forgotten brings tears to my heart.

If my heart were capable of crying.

Alien: Ore GETS IT. And it’s so, so good to finally see an Alien movie that’s not about Ridley Scott finding ways to deal with characters he’s come to hate but isn’t brave enough to build a franchise on his own so he has to co-opt a preexisting one.

It’s a bad thing and luckily Alien: Ore is very, very good at showing the Alien being very, very bad (which to be fair isn’t exactly true in that you don’t even get a minute of combined Alien love).

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