Trailer Into Reaction: Sonic The Hedgehog | Official Trailer

The trailer for Sony’s Sonic The Hedgehog dropped yesterday, and it looks like balls (though to be fair it is Sony we’re talking about)

And that’s probably not a surprise–have you seen Slenderman!?–Except…except for the fact while the trailer sucks, Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik is GLORIOUS!

Now keep in mind I never really thought of myself as a Jim Carrey fan (at least at the times his movies actually came out) but seeing him in this trailer…it makes me want to actually see the movie.

And that’s important because the CGI version of Sonic looks terrible.

It’s such an odd choice that it makes me wonder why they didn’t go the Who Framed Roger Rabbit route–an animated character in a real environment–which would have been visually interesting.

It’s also odd because in the trailer for Pokémon Detective Pekachu the pokemon look pretty good.

So…what went wrong with Sonic?

Seriously, I want to know.

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