Trailer Into Reaction: Black Mirror, Season 5 (2019) | Official Trailer

I’ve always enjoyed British sci-fi.

Reason being, it tends to be particularly dry and focus more on things like technology and hardware than it does on human emotions (they’re there but usually aren’t a priority).

And sure, that can make for some particularly wooden television at times–check out the first season of Space: 1999. It’s a great show but if it were any more wooden it would be sponsored by IKEA–but they make up for it with a sense of gravitas as well as a can-do attitude.

For instance, some of the early episodes of the long running British series Dr. Who often look as if the production design were done by a high school theater class, yet despite that the actors take it all very, very seriously.

And while Black Mirror as far as I can tell has never had issues of a financial sort, it has loads of inventiveness and pluck typical of great British genre television.

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