Review – Malibu Rescue (2019)

I was looking for something new to watch on Netflix, when I noticed that there was a new movie, Malibu Rescue, on the streaming channel.

I started to watch it, honestly not expecting too much, till I noticed in the opening credits that it was directed by SAVAGE STEVE HOLLAND!

SAVAGE STEVE HOLLAND! This guy is–to me–a deity of 1980’s cinema and the director behind cult classics like Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer.

Better Off Dead isn’t a great movie–but the paperboy? He needs his own spinoff–but it is a fun one that leans into it’s ridiculousness. It helps that the movie, and Savage Steve Holland, don’t have a cynical bone in their bodies.

Holland brings the same heartfeltness to Malibu Rescue–but unfortunately relatively little of the quirkiness.

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