REview – Hellboy (2019)

I’ll be totally honest. I enjoyed both Hellboy and it’s sequel, Hellboy II: The Golden Army so when I heard that Guillermo Del Toro wasn’t going forward with a planned third movie, I was a bit miffed.

Though that turned to irritated really fast when I learned that, while Del Toro’s third film wasn’t happening, a reboot of the property was.

With an entirely new director. Neil Marshall

Marshall definitely has his genre bonafides, with movies like Dog Soldiers, The Descent, Doomsday, episodes of Game Of Thrones, Black Sails, etc but Guillermo Del Toro he is not.

So, while I was not exactly rooting for the reboot, I didn’t wish that the production was not only flop at the box office but allegedly a real ordeal for Marshall, who had to deal with micromanagement by the film’s producers.

I don’t necessarily think you can see the chaos going on behind the scenes in front of the cameras though it can’t be a good thing, no matter how the final outcome fared.

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