REview: The Pool (2018)

The Pool isn’t a bad film, but it’s isn’t terribly good either.

Let me explain. Theeradej Wongpuapan (who carries most of the movie, along with a CGI–I think. For the most part it’s really good–crocodile) and Ratnamon Ratchiratham are both decent actors and give good performances.

The movie is well shot and lit and the sound works well.

The problem is the story, which is so nihilistic that it almost hurts to watch.

And if you’re a dog person, I suggest you stay far, far away from this movie because–SPOILER ALERT!–the dog dies, though in a way that seemingly designed to cause as much angst as possible.

This movie’s unremitting pessimism could be a cultural artifact–which is interesting since I live in a country where movies cutting people to literal bits is a quite popular form of entertainment for millions–but those are cartoons.

While The Pool is a bit fantastical as well, but hits closer to home than any torture porn I have seen.

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