REview: Shadow (2018)

Yimou Zhang’s Shadow is a remarkable bit of filmmaking.

The movie revolves around two kingdoms on the precipice of war, and the political intrigues that come about.

That doesn’t sound like much, but as executed by Zhang, it’s pretty remarkable stuff.

And did I mention the entire movie is rendered in shades of white, black and gray? You’re probably thinking that it would’ve been easier for me to just say “Black & White” but strictly speaking it’s isn’t–flesh tones are rendered accurately, as is blood–but everything else is monochrome.

I’m unsure how they did it. In some instances it looks–like with the throne room scenes–that the room, furniture and clothing are all shades of white, gray and black, while more expansive scenes I assume are filmed in black and white.

However he did it, he’s made a pretty impressive movie.

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