REview: Don’t Hang Up (2016)

I have never heard of 2016’s Don’t Hang Up till a few days ago and I wonder how it is I haven’t heard of it.

It’s a taut little thriller revolving around three guys who spend an inordinate amount of time making prank calls to people for clicks (it goes without saying they’re filming their antics and posting them to social media).

When one of their pranks goes horribly wrong (for their victim), someone decides that maybe it’s time to turn the tables on the pranksters.

The plot is relatively simple and for the most part just works.

It’s not perfect though and there are a few incidents of the antagonist doing things he either should not be able to do or that are so involved that they shouldn’t have been as easy to pull off as they appeared.

And what I mention in my review is that it looks really, really, cinematic. I watch a lot of movies and how one looks doesn’t necessarily mean that a movie is good, but it helps and a really good movie in terms of story and acting can be (somewhat) diminished by not looking very good.

Luckily you won’t see that problem watching Don’t Hang Up.

Check it out on Vudu.

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