Trailer Into REaction – Color Out Of Space (2019) | Official Trailer

I recall reading somewhere where Nick Cage referred to as an “A list” actor and while he may be many things I’m not at all sure that’s one of them.

Reason being, he’s too quirky, too cognizant that movie making is a job above all else, which means he’s going to be in a lot of mediocre stuff.

And he is though perhaps that’s the most important thing: Cage is always working. Perhaps not as much as Sam Jackson, but he’s pretty busy and it seems that his career is coming full circle and he’s appearing in some particularly interesting projects, like last year’s Mandy.

More recently he’s back with The Color Out Of Space, based on the H.P.. Lovecraft story.

Like Nick Cage, Lovecraft is a bit of an iconoclast himself, which means that’s he’s not gong to be to everyone’s taste and his work not be easily adapted to cinema.

Interestingly enough, once of the best adaptations of Lovecraft’s work was John Carpenter’s The Thing (which was not directly based on Lovecraft); less because of the monster, though it helps, than the atmosphere of desolation and paranoia Carpenter meticulously crafted..

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