REview: Cold Skin (2019) | Horror Comes From Without And Within

Xavier Gens’ Cold Skin is a fascinating movie about the evil that resides within us all though what it isn’t is Lovecraftian (a term used most often, I’ve noticed, by people who have never actually read Lovecraft).

The movie revolves around a weather observer during World War I, who’s stationed on a remote island for twelve months.

Once the ship leaves horrors arise, and there’s no where to run.

As I mention in my review, I think Cold Skin is more comparable to movies like Apocalypse Now, as opposed to John Carpenter’s The Thing (which it’s worth mentioning, is VERY Lovecraftian).

Now, if Cold Skin weren’t as good as it is that would be a remarkable letdown though as I said, it’s a really good movie so it all works out.

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