Is Moon Knight Too Violent For Disney+?

Moon Knight is one of my favorite comic characters–that’s my bust on the left–and while I’m glad to hear that the character is getting a bit of love from Marvel, I have to ask if Disney+ is the right place for the character.

Moon Knight, like most characters, has gone through various incarnations though interestingly enough, virtually all of the Knight’s incarnations are very much anti-Disney+.

He began life as a villain, facing off against Werewolf At Night (along with the awesomely named Dr. Glitterknight) though later became at best an anti-hero and avatar of Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the Moon.

Then there’re the runs where Moon Knight either has multiple personality disorder or schizophrenia (they’re not the same things, though I’m not sure which applies to him).

In that instance, Moon Knight has three distinct identities (Jake Lockley, Marc Spector and Steven Grant) and if that weren’t bad enough, combine it with Netflix’s Daredevil level of violence.

Which makes sense since the character in later incarnation was directed at older readers.

Arguably the most popular version was Steven Grant, who not only plays like a less stealthy version of Batman (He was not only rich, but even had a butler assist him in his escapades).

What all these iterations hold in common is that none are particularly well-suited for Disney+.

Now Hulu? That’s another matter though the version of the character that turns up on Disney+ will likely be so sanitized he’ll alienate fans of the character, which based upon how vocal on social media they tend to be, can make or break a new television series or movie.

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