REview: Pledge (2018) | The Killer Elite

Pledge is a fascinating movie that works on numerous levels though what I didn’t mention in my video review was that the movie acts as a commentary on the meanness, the brutality of capitalism too as people literally kill each other to jockey for an economic position over the other person.

Pledge was directed by Daniel Robbins, and it isn’t the first movie that I’ve seen from the director. The first was a werewolf creature-feature called Uncaged in 2016, and I recall seeing it, but not what sort of impression it made.

And that’s less a commentary on the movie itself than my recollection, so might have to catch that one again soon.

2 thoughts on “REview: Pledge (2018) | The Killer Elite

  1. Off-topic but I was reading the below article and came to your comment about how Trump wasn’t going to be president except in his mind (you were responding to someone who said that they can’t wait until he’s president). I guess he surprised you and that commenter was right.

    What are your thoughts now? How did you grapple with the election results? Not rubbing it in – just curious.

    1. Come now, virtually NO ONE thought Trump would be President. Heck, TRUMP didn’t think he’d win. I don’t claim to be a seer though I tend to be optimistic that people aren’t going to do things that aren’t in their own interests.

      Though want Trump revealed is that when people feel desperate and/or marginalized they do things that aren’t in their best interests.

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