REview: Bloodride (2020) | Six (Decent) Tales Of Terror

Horror anthologies are hard to get right.

For every Twilight Zone you seemingly get ten American Horror Stories, so I was glad to see Bloodride turn up on Netflix.

The series is Norwegian in origin, though the themes the series explores are universal, such as greed, envy and betrayal.

Speaking of Netflix, a thing I like about the streaming channel is that more than a few of their shows are international in origin, which means they’re able to create more in the way of suspense, tension and drama because if you don’t know who’s a marque star in whichever country the production stems from you can’t assume that one character is anymore important that another because…movie so the only thing that separates one person is the narrative, as opposed to one person being Robert Downey Jr. or Tom Cruise because you know if those guys appear in a movie the likelihood is that no matter what actually happens they’re going to come out okay.

And overall, Bloodride is pretty successful. The cinematography is good, as are the gore effects (though perhaps too sparingly used) and the acting to top-notch as well.

Though it’s not a perfect series. If there’s any problem I’d have to say that it lies with the writing, which tends to be uneven.

In fact, only one episode, Three Sick Brothers, hit the sweet spot in terms of unity between the writing and the concept while others many have had a great concept–like Bad Writer–but lost points on the story or vice versa.

Though don’t let me dissuade you from watching Bloodride if it’s your thing because all and all it’s well-done and an enjoyable watch.

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