REview: Leprechaun Returns (2018) | Way Better Than It Has Any Right Being

Maybe it was due to relatively low expectations but I found Steven Kostanski’s Leprechaun Returns pretty damn enjoyable.

Or maybe it was the acting, with Taylor Spreitler and Pepi Sonuga being particularly noteworthy in a cast that was overall unusually–for the genre– strong.

Because if anyone isn’t by now aware Leprechaun Returns is about a killer leprechaun that’s spawned at least five or six sequels prior to this movie.

And while the entire premise remains ridiculous the movie never takes itself too seriously, which works in its favor. Another interesting thing is that it makes an occasional attempt to flesh out its diminutive killer and while it’ll never be mistaken for Shakespeare, the effort was appreciated.

As I said earlier, Leprechaun Returns is fun ride. It’s not going to win any awards but I’ll take being thoroughly entertained over a bunch of gold-tone statuettes any day of the week.

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