REview: 1 BR | Tom Cruise Would Probably Hate This Movie

David Marmor’s 1BR is a really cleverly written and directed movie that I’d recommend for anyone who thinks they’ve seen it all because while that’s technically true – there’s nothing in 1BR that you haven’t seen before – it’s put together so cleverly that it might be awhile before you notice it.

Though what I most enjoyed is the way it turns certain tropes on their head and is a fascinating commentary on what it means – and the price some people are willing to pay – to be truly safe in an environment where most people don’t know their neighbors and danger potentially lurks on every corner.

A particularly strong point is the casting, which is excellent all around though I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention Nicole Brydon Bloom who’s particularly excellent as Sarah, whom the entire movie revolves around.

She plays the character with a certain vulnerability that brings the entire movie into context though she has a predatory side as well, which he see glimpses of as it dawns on her what’s going on and she comes to understand that maybe home isn’t where the heart is, but where horror lies in wait.

1 BR is currently streaming on Netflix.

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