‘Slasher’ Moves From Netflix to Shudder for Season Four

I can’t speak for anyone else but I really enjoyed Slasher, the anthology horror series created by Aaron Martin, that I first discovered on Netflix (it’s in the vein of American Horror Story, except less seedy).

Like AHS it tended to use some of the same actors from one season to the next – it didn’t fetishize doing so quite like that series – though the storyline changed from one season to the next.

According to Bloody Disgusting the fourth season, Slasher: Flesh & Blood, will premiere exclusively on Shudder in the US, which is a pity because Slasher: Solstice, Guilty Party and The Executioner were really enjoyable and I was looking forward to the next (though not enough to sign up for another streaming service).

That being said, who knows what arrangement Netflix has with content producers (though the word “exclusively” tells me not to hold my breath that we’ll see any more Slasher on the streaming service), which is a pity because Flesh & Blood stars David Cronenberg, who’s always interesting.

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